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I remember this as it was yesterday. Sporadically I got the Idea while shooting my video with Lukáš Holý to get a shot like this into my video Born to Trick – Keep Focus. My hands already got sweaty even by thinking of it. Anyway I’m trying to cool down while I slowly climbing down the SNP bridge in the capital of Slovakia. I’m challenging some prickles on my way down there cause people should not enter this area. I think I also torn my pants on them. But I managed it to pass them and now I’m heading to my goal. All the time I’m checking the old rusty construction if it is safe. I take my time to get friendly with the environment by breathing and calming down. Now I’m ready. I do not remember anymore if I gave Lukas the sign by waving or by calling him. Cause he was really far and could not hear me from the distance. Here we go hang time. One of the most freeing feeling I got when I was hanging there and seeing one of the strongest elements on our earth in action bellow me.

We only got a photo but we did not had the right lens to capture it for the video. People say I’m doing a adrenaline sport. But am I really? Am I a adrenaline junkie? No of course not. Everyone knows the feeling of adrenaline. Everyone is different and get this feeling from different situations. I do not like situations when I get adrenaline coming from fear. It is a sign that my body and mind is fighting something that I am afraid of. I take my time to cool down and get calm. Then I’m ready to do what I got on my mind.

adrenaline junkie
Adrenaline Junkie? Bridge SNP – Bratislava

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Video we were shooting:

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