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CASTLE RUN – Assassins

Do you know the project castle run? If no, then you have to watch all those eight episodes! Two of them are with assassins theme! This is a photography, which took Kristína Spačková while making the 4th episode on Spiš castle. It’s called time travel! On the bottom of this post is the playlist with all 8 episodes.

Castle run Assassins Creed
Infront of Spis Castle

After those episodes we also had some life Assassins performances on Spiš castle and on Beckov castle as well. If you missed those no problem. This year there will be some performances again! Note the dates:

Spiš castle

11th July 2019

12th July 2019

13th July 2019

9th August 2019

10th August 2019

11th August 2019

Beckov castle

1st August 2019

2nd August 2019

3rd August 2019

Castle run – episodes

Watch them all!

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