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VEGDAY Wakelake

It’s 28th July, I’m waking up in Bratislava. I can see the storm coming from far away. Anyway this is no reason for me to not visit this event! I do not really care much about rain. I’m fine with it. But I know for some people it is a disaster and mainly for events which are open air. And this one is an open air event. So I’m curious about the whole event how it happens.

Vegday Wakelake
Welcome at Vegday Wakelake!

Arriving at Wakelake

Wakelake is a resort at a lake in Bratislava called Zlaté Piesky (Golden Sands). It is a great place to chill with your friends. You have the opportunity to try some water sports like wake boarding, fly boarding and paddle boarding. I’m arriving at the entrance, park my car and Marko the organizer is already welcoming me with a free ticket to the event. If you read this thank you one more time! 

Vegday Wakelake
Vegday Wakelake


I’m going straight for the stalls. To check out what is onsite. Yes I’m looking for some raw options… and yes! There is one stall with raw cakes. I just double check what they are made of to get sure I know what I’m eating. No longer an option for me. They used agave syrup in all the cakes. Hm used agave? Do not think it is raw anymore. But no problem I took 2 kg of donut peaches in case there are no raw options. 

Beer port Vegday Wakelake
Beerport Vegday Wakelake
Ovocno Vegday Wakelake
sigelsberg cider Vegday Wakelake
Sigelsberg Cider


Here it comes like an apocalypse! I just made it to check all the stalls and it started to shower! I just found a nice place to hide where I can eat my mono meal of peaches. They’re so sweet! A girl next to me is curious how I can eat that much peaches. I explain to her that I’m raw vegan and I do not eat anything else for now, just those peaches. I eat till I’m satisfied. She cannot imagine her to do that. I’m telling her that I was the same. Her friend just arrived and they asked me if I could watch for their stuff till they pick up something. So I’m just sitting there and enjoying my peaches when a random guy comes along and asks if he could join me at the table to have his tea. I welcome him. I already saw this guy on previous Vegday on Červeny Kamen. He was throwing some back flips there. I confront him with it and he tells me that he knows me from the social media. We had a nice conversation about our activities and what we are working on now. Just found out that he is earning money by playing poker. How awesome is that.

Vegday Wakelake
Hiding and enjoying my donuts peaches mono meal.
Vegday Wakelake

Rain stopPed

We’re going straight to the wakelake workout setup. We start to do some sets and reps. His friend and his girlfriend are joining us. To be honest I do not remember any name of them. I do not remember the names while shaking hands with someone for the first time. I do not listen to the names cause my whole attention goes to the visual and energetic part. So I’m still working on that. But lets continue with my training. For some change I pull some flips of a wall into sand. Great place to practice some double spins. Continuing like this till Marko the organizer asks me if I would like to join the acro yoga workshop. He saw me and Kristina doing it in Vegday Červeny Kameň. But Kristina is not with me this time. So I do not have a partner. Marko says we’ll handle this and find me a partner. So I’m just joining the workshops with a random girl. We did well and could do all the poses.

Wakelake Workout setup
No excuses!
pound workout vegday
Pound workout with Diana.
pound workout vegday


After some acro yoga I’m going straight to a presentation by Rebarbora about the baby’s weekly vegan diet. I listen to her a bit because I do not have kids yet but when I have I’ll be more interested in this topic. So I’m leaving for the next workout round.

Discussion with Rebarbora.

Finishing my workout and visiting the next presentation by Dašisko. It is about how to not become a vegan for only one month. I’m arriving a bit later so I already lost some information. But I just listen to her presentation. 

Dašisko Vegan
Dašisko’s presentation.

Right after Dašisko’s presentations. It is Alex Wortex turn to make her presentation about raw veganism. She is 6 years on a raw vegan diet. This is what I was waiting for. To hear her story and her attitude. She is a really interesting person to me. I saw her only on some social media acting crazy and being this Alex Wortex. I didn’t want to judge her by that so I’m listening to her presentation. And she is not speaking bullshit. I liked it. Finally someone close to me in terms of diet.


Question & Answers time! I’m having a question for Alex. If she is taking supplements like vitamin B12, etc. I’m asking for everyone in case there are more people interested in her answer. I also mention that I already have managed vitamins by myself but I’m curious about her. I’m not sure what her answer was because we got interrupted by someone asking me how did I handle B12. So I have to ask her one more time by the next opportunity. So how did I manage my vitamin B12 intake? My answer is simple as it is. B12 is everywhere around us in nature. I go to nature and get dirty. And I do not wash all the dirt from my organic vegetables when I eat them. So I’m a bit the dirty guy. But it has it’s reasons. I also walk barefoot. So I’m more connected with earth. Stay more connected and be more in nature!

Alex Wortex Raw Vegan
Alex Wortex about Raw Veganism.

I know you’ve been waiting for the answer if Alex is taking supplements. I asked her one more time and the answer is no. She does not take any vitamin supplements.

I really enjoyed Vegday waklake! Hope you enjoyed this reading as well! Feel free to read my previous posts. And stay tuned on my social media where I add content more frequently. 


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