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Sweet Watermelon – How to pick a ripe watermelon

Looking for the right watermelon? Here some tips how to pick a ripe sweet watermelon. First I look for the right shape. There are two shapes of watermelons. Round and oval also called the females and males. Round shape are females – sweeter and oval shapes are males – more watery. Females/round melons are sweeter. The bigger the better? Not when it comes to watermelons! It can be small but should be heavy on it’s size. Check out the watermelon bellow.

sweet watermelon
Small round and heavy on its size!

After I have picked the right shape I look for the SCAR. The more scars the better. The scar comes from pollination. The more webbing there is, the sweeter is the watermelon. 

watermelon scar
The scar/webbing

The third sign is a yellow spot. If it is yellow enough it means that the watermelon had enough time to ripe.

watermelon yellow spot
Yellow spot! The more yellow the more ripe!

Fourth sign is the thump sound. It should be a deep hollow sound. Listen to it I made a record:

Fifth sign is the dry stem. If the stem is green the watermelon was harvested to early do not buy it. Look for a dried stem. Check out the picture bellow:

dried watermelon stem
Dried watermelon stem

Short Recapitulation:

  1. step – round shape
  2. step – scars/brown webbing
  3. step – yellow spot
  4. step – deep hollow thump sound
  5. step – dried stem
sweet watermelon
So sweet!

Hope you know what to pick a sweet watermelon next time! With time I will add more tips & tricks. Make sure you subscribe!

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