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The New Beginning

The new beginning – so I called the first post on this page. Because this website will be one of my new activities. For years I wanted to launch my own website. Where I could share my ideas, opinions, experiences, hobbies, activities I do in my life. And here it is! I’m so exited about it!

The new beginning

First of all I think I should introduce myself a little bit. As you already now my name is Michal Marček (Read Michal Martchek) Michal is a Slovak name for Michael. If you want to hear how my name really sounds type it into google translate choose Slovak language and hit the listen button. But lets move on… I was born in Slovakia, but growing up in different countries of Europe. 3 years in Austria and 5 years in Germany. Guten Tag! I was visiting secondary school  in Germany.  German language is no problem for me.


Santorini parkour

My passion is movement. I move since I was a little child. Active living being. I tried different disciplines like football, karate, kung-fu, break-dancing, hip-hop dancing… Of course there were much more sports I tried. but who did not? True love and passion I found at the age of 15 when I found parkour and freerunning. And today I made living out of it. I’m the founder and owner of Born to Trick company. A brand with people who are living for movement. The company is engaged in fashion, performances and teaching.

The new beginning

As an athlete I live a healthy lifestyle. Which was not always the case. For a long time I was a “holy guy” till my 18th b-day. Not touching any drug, practicing and reaching my goals as an athlete. Then I found some new friends and I got into party life. Alcohol, cigarettes, clubs… With all those new responsibilities as an “adult” I got used to vent like this. It was working for some years in a big corporation. But then I got awakened and recognized that everything has it’s duty. People around me were a great example of that what I did not wanted to become! So I got into my self and changed my old lifestyle. Replaced my old habits for new habits that make sense to me now. The new beginning…the new beginning

habit loop
Habit loop

But lets write about that another time. I think it is enough for this post. If you would like to read more about my journey I have this page “My Story”. If you liked this post feel free to like it or even share it on your social media. Stay tuned and come along next time! Or allow notification from my website so you get notification when I publish something new. I’ll also let you know on my social media: facebook, twitter, instagram

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