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Replacement for SALT

Replacement for salt? Yes! I think it is now something about 2 years, since I’m not using salt (As we know it) in my kitchen. That was even before I went raw vegan. I do not think we need to eat that much salt as we use in our meals. Salt is a rock. Do you think we should eat rocks? Of course we need salt and naturally we more likely find salt in plants around us than a salt rock. I think organic sodium from plants tissue is the right amount we should get in our diets. Did you hear that you would die faster of dehydration by drinking sea water than drinking no water? Our bodies are 70% out of water. Think about that.

Salt rock
Does it look like food? More likely a beautiful decoration!

Let’s move on to the replacement. What I use instead of salt in my foods. It’s one of many plants, celery! You can use it raw or dried and grounded. How do I prepare the dry version. I simply get a whole celery chop it into tiny small pieces. Then I put them into my food dehydrator. Dehydrate them for approx 10 hours. Depends on how fine you chopped the celery. After it is dehydrated you just put it into a dry food processor and ground it. Vuala!

Celery plant
Celery plant
replacement for salt celery
Dried, refined celery

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